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  • TERI-SDC Biomass Project (TSBP)

    Since 1994, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has been working in partnership with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) to develop and demonstrate technology packages for thermal and power applications of biomass gasifiers. The goal of the current project (2012 - 2015) is to accelerate the use of biomass based energy systems so that rural communities and small enterprises secure access to clean energy services.

    South-South Knowledge Transfer Component

    The South - South Cooperation component of the project focuses aims to partner with two developing countries with limited access to modern energy, for transfer and adoption of biomass based clean energy solutions. The aim is to leverage the valuable knowledge and experience generated over a couple of decades by TERI and SDC in India.

    The technology and knowledge transfer mechanism aims to:
    1. Establish knowledge transfer linkages with the private/public sector in selected developing countries
    2. Enable local manufacturing of gasifier systems
    3. Capacity building of the stakeholders

    Specific activities planned

    • Identification of relevant stakeholders in the target countries for undertaking policy/regulatory analysis and engaging in dialogue for technology and knowledge transfer.
    • Assessing the capabilities of the local manufacturers/ industries and identify capacity gaps, if any.
    • Designing suitable training modules on various aspects of manufacturing biomass gasifiers. Conduct traini
      ng modules to strengthen local manufacturing capabilities.
    • To engage with the state, concerned ministries and government departments and to ensure proactive participation.
    • To develop partnerships with the industrial associations and engaging with them facilitate technology transfer.
    • Facilitation and coordination with various stakeholders to understand their needs and plan the way forward strategy to benefit MSMEs at large.
    • Institutional linkages between the various actors in biomass sector such as ministries, rural authorities, local manufacture, NGOs, end-users etc.

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