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    On 21st May 2014, TERI team have conducted meeting with Dr. Araya Asfaw, Executive Director of Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network (HOAREC). TERI – SDC workshop on "South–South Knowledge Transfer and Cooperation – To enable and strengthen local manufacturing and enhance the adoption of biomass gasifiers in Small and Medium Enterprises in Ethiopia" was organised with the support of HOAREC. TERI team have explained the objective of the project that to accelerate diffusion of biomass based energy systems for meeting clean energy needs of the MSME sector through knowledge transfer linkages and enabling local manufacturing of such systems. Dr. Asfaw emphasized that there is a huge potential for these kinds of technologies in Ethiopia and indicated that government is looking for representatives of these types of technologies.

    Meeting with Dr. Asfaw , HOAREC

    Dr. Asfaw suggested that sugar industries could be one of the beneficiaries of this technology. The bagasse generated from sugar processing can be utilized as the feedstock for biomass gasifier and bagasse from each industry will be sufficient to operate a 20 – 25 MW gasifier plant. Prosopis species also can be considered as a feedstock for gasification as its invasion became a major challenge in Ethiopia like in other African countries. He thinks that some intervention has to be happened to control prosopis invasion and hence the utilization of this plant as gasifier feedstock will be beneficial in multiple aspects. He mentioned that biomass briquettes also can be considered as the feedstock. He indicated that the institutions which are using fuel wood and charcoal can be targeted as the platform for dissemination of this technology. He quoted as an example that Injera( Traditional bread of the country) cooking consumes a lot of thermal energy. He also suggested that gasification technology can be promoted for small businesses like restaurants.

    He mentioned that, beyond organizing workshop TERI and HOA-REC&N could continue working together for the complete success of the project. As the first step, the sectors where this technology can be replicated have to be identified.

    Mr. Fitsumbrhan T. Beyene, who is Sustainable Energy Programme Coordinator at HOA-REC&N, said that mostly the 34 public universities use fuel wood in the canteens and this can be potential market for the technology. He also added that TERI and HOA-REC&N team need to deduce plan of action for the selection of appropriate pilot project and commencement of the project as a whole.

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