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  • The Biomass Gasifier market for industrial Thermal application in Ethiopia

    With the support from SDC TERI, together with local consultant, has conducted biomass gasifier market assessment study to identify the energy Potential of Micro, Small Enterprises (SMEs) and Medium and large Enterprises (MLEs) and the accessible biomass potential of Ethiopia. The study focused on depicting the current energy practices including food processing units, textile dyeing, clay products making units, universities and detention centres. The Study was officially finalized on June 27th, 2015 in Addis Ababa at the presence of TERI biomass gratifier research team.

    As the study, in 2012 states 90% of the national energy use is based on solid biomass which is consumed inefficiently. The biomass gasification technology is deemed to provide economic and environment benefits at both enterprise and national levels because of reduction of biomass or fossil fuel demand in Ethiopian industry. The output of the study reveals that bakeries and restaurants have high potential of adopting biomass gasfiers due to high biomass energy demand and existence in a large number across the country. In addition Candy makers and small metal founders are considered as high potential adopters due to significant thermal energy expenditures. Enterprises like brick kilns and universities are considered to be medium potential adopters as they have high biomass energy consumption but are small in number.

    Limited research and development, lack of finance, consumer information or proof of value and lack of documentation on thermal energy use in the industry are identified to be the barriers for the adoption of the biomass gasifier technology in Ethiopian Industries. In addition the technology is not included under any of existing industrial energy efficiency or biomass conservation programs indicating for the need of policy intervention.

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