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Since 2007, TERI has strengthened its collaboration in Africa. Along with various knowledge exchange initiatives focussing on climate policies, clean energy solutions, trade and sustainable development, TERI's collaboration in Africa has strengthened through the DFID – TERI partnership for clean energy access. The project has been implemented with the support of HOAREC/N in Ethiopia and ACTS in Kenya. Through this initiative, TERI provided clean cooking, lighting solutions to poor households of Kenya, Ethiopia. There are more than ten countries in Africa where "Lighting a Billion Lives" Campaign has reached out. TERI worked with communities in these countries and enabled an increased partnership with government, private sector, NGOs, research institutions.

Sustainable business models of providing clean energy access was also developed. Additionally, clean cook stove solutions, biomass gasifier applications were also transferred to communities of East, West Africa. This year, TERI has reached to 3,00,000 people by providing them with clean cooking, lighting solutions through constant innovation in technologies, business models of delivery. 10 new technological solutions were tested leading to dissemination of 33,124 improved cookstoves, installation of 23,411 solar lighting solutions with the support of private and developmental organizations. TERI has also been working with the Ethiopian Electricity Authority on energy audit and has been engaged in training programmes related to energy policy , petroleum sector, sustainable energy leadership for the global south.


A dynamic and flexible organization with a global vision and a local focus, TERI was established in 1974, with the initial focus on documentation and information dissemination. Research activities, initiated towards the end of 1982, were rooted in TERI's firm conviction that efficient utilization of energy and sustainable use of natural resources would propel the process of development.

All activities in TERI, the largest developing-country institution working towards sustainability, move from formulating local- and national-level strategies to shaping global solutions to critical issues. Towards this end, we have established regional centres in Bengaluru, Goa, Guwahati, Mumbai and the Himalayas. We have also set up affiliate institutes – TERI-NA, Washington, DC, USA, and TERI Europe, London, UK – and also have a presence in Japan, Malaysia, and the UAE. We have also established a research base in Africa with an aim to both provide technical assistance as well as facilitate exchange of knowledge amongst the communities in various African states.

Buoyed by more than 40 years of excellence in research and innovation, TERI is now poised for future growth, driven by a global vision and outreach, with a philosophy that assigns primacy to enterprise in government, industry, and individual actions.

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